Repairs and Upgrades

If your system has not been serviced in over two years, it may be in need of System Survey. PGELS will come take a look at it, exercise it, run it through its routine, see if all of the pieces and parts work, record program information, fix what we can, and note any anomalies. We will recommend any updates, upgrades, repairs or replacements required to get the system fully operational. As a result, we will furnish an operation and maintenance manual, recommend a stock of spare parts, and provide operation and maintenance training as required.

System Maintenance

Large systems with daily use such as building lobbies, corporate conference centers, museums, and hotel ballrooms require more regular service than most systems. Not only because they are large, or because they are used every day, but because if they do fail the results can be tragic. OK, maybe not tragic, but extremely inconvenient. PGELS can help minimize the opportunity for inconvenient and untimely system failures. We will clean it up and tighten it down, push it to the limit then fine tune the details, measure it and record the results. Then at the end of one year we will return and do it all again. If you own or manage a large lighting control system, a regularly scheduled system maintenance visit should be part of your annual lighting service budget.

System Replacement

Your system is old, it’s has been a good friend for many years, but it is only a matter of time before you have to replace it. Although reliability (aka peace of mind) and ROI are important factors, how easy will it really be to replace your system? What unexpected surprises are hiding behind the walls or in the next junction box, things nobody thought about? Is there enough room for the new equipment? What are the mounting space restrictions? Is there vertical mounting space available? Can the new equipment get from the loading dock to the electrical closet without additional help? Do you want to integrate with the Building Management System? Would like to incorporate occupancy sensors, light sensors, or time clocks? Control it from the web or mobile device? Are you adding LED lighting? Are you fully aware of all of your current system’s operational features (no offense)? Have you ever said “I wish my system could do this”? For a complete list of all of our questions, call us and ask about our Replacement System Survey.

So, Need Some Help?

Above all, PG Elite Lighting is here to help you! Whether you need someone to install a system, make an update, or answer a question, contact us with your needs. In brief, we’re here for you. Lastly, we proudly serve all of the Northeastern USA’s lighting needs.

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