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System Design

Take our Residential Lighting Systems assessment test and see if lighting controls are appropriate for your home. Depending upon your lifestyle and habits there are many ways to design lighting controls perfect for your home. We can create any design that you envision, so do not hold back any of your creativity. We are also willing to assist you in any way possible to achieve the creative results you are looking for. PGELS has over twenty years of experience with high end homes with all levels of control systems, let our experience guide you through your design process. For a copy of our list of questions, contact us for a Residential Lighting Systems Assessment Survey.

Software Programming

No matter what type of system you purchase and install today to control your lights, chances are it will require programming. As a certified Residential Lighting Systems Provider PGELS we will make sure your system is programmed as designed, is optimized for efficiently, and operates logically. If you are not sure about your sequence of operation we will program the system based upon our experience. After a period of time when you reach a comfort level with the system, and you have rounded off a list of desired changes, we will fine tune the program as per your list.

Systems Integration

Window shades, thermostats, alarm systems, security systems, garage door systems, driveway gates, color changing LED lighting, web accesses, iPads, smartphone apps, Audio Visual System, Building Management Systems, time clocks, motion sensors, daylight sensors, automatic setback, load shedding, ‘home’ and ‘away’ programs, what else you got?

So, Need Some Help?

Above all, PG Elite Lighting is here to help you! Whether you need someone to install a system, make an update, or answer a question, contact us with your needs. In brief, we’re here for you. Lastly, we proudly serve all of the Northeastern USA’s lighting needs.

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