What We Do

PG Elite Lighting Service can assist with the design, installation, and maintenance of your commercial or residential lighting control system. We do not buy and sell systems, we do not install systems, but we provide all of the support services necessary to make sure your system is furnished, installed, and operating properly.

We also provide long term care for your older systems to be sure they are always working as best as they can, and to be fully prepared for when they do not.

PGELS specializes in the design of retrofit and upgrade solutions for existing systems including the installation and maintenance.


  • Design Q&A

  • System Surveys

  • Recommendations and Proposals

  • System Documentation


  • Installation Assistance

  • Project Management

  • System Commissioning

  • Equipment Start Ups

  • Software Programming

  • Operation and Maintenance Training


  • Warranty Service

  • Software and Firmware Updates

  • System Repairs

  • Preventative Maintenance Service

  • Annual System Maintenance
  • System Upgrades

  • Retro-Fit Solutions

  • System Replacement

Our Experience

PGELS has over 25 years of experience with the sales and service of many of yesterdays and todays high end Lighting Control Systems.

  • Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Systems

  • Hotels, Museums, Conference Centers, Institutions, Churches, Restaurants

  • Design, Installation, and Maintenance Assistance

  • Wireless Control Systems

  • System Commissioning, Startup, Programming, and Training

  • On Site Troubleshooting, Field Service, and System Repair

  • Additions and changes to existing Lighting Control Systems

  • System Upgrades to meet the new Electrical Code

  • Time Clock, Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing, Daylight Compensation

  • Integration of new technology

  • Web Access, iPad Control, iPhone Control


We are able to work on a multitude of commercial systems already in place in your business.


  • GRAFIK Eye 3000
  • GRAFIK Eye 4000

  • GRAFIK Eye 5000, 6000, 7000 with Set Up and Operate software

  • GRAFIK Eye 5000P, 6000P, 7000P with DesignIT and ControlIT software

  • Grafik Eye QS

  • Maestro Wireless

  • ECO System

  • LCP and XPS series systems

  • ESN

  • QSN

  • Quantum

Cooper Controls

  • LK Stand Alone Relay Panels

  • CK Network Relay Panels

  • iLumen Dimmer Panel Systems

Lehigh Electrical Products

  • Solitaire Stand Alone Control Systems

  • Collage Lighting Control Systems

  • DX Dimmer Panels Systems

Leviton Controls

  • GreenMax Relay Panels

  • Z-Max Relay Panels

Unauthorized Service of

  • GE TLC and ProSys Systems

  • LC&D GR Relay Panels

  • Lithonia Synergy Control Systems

  • Wattstopper Relay Panel Systems

  • Touch-Plate Lighting Controls


We use the same powerful technology as we do in our commercial systems, but tailored to your home needs.


  • Original Homeworks
  • Homeworks Interactive

  • Homeworks Illumination

  • Homeworks QS

  • Radio Ra Classic

  • Radio Ra2

Cooper Controls

  • Aspire Wireless

  • Homeseer

Lutron Legacy Systems

  • Lutron “B” Style Dimmer Panels
  • Lutron “DP” Style Dimmer Panels

  • Lutron “DCI” Direct Current Dimmer Panels

  • Radio Touch

  • PSP

  • VSA





  • ETA


  • Philips Color Kinetics ColorPlay 3

  • Elation Art1024 DMX Software

So, Need Some Help?

Above all, PG Elite Lighting is here to help you! Whether you need someone to install a system, make an update, or answer a question, contact us with your needs. In brief, we’re here for you. Lastly, we proudly serve all of the Northeastern USA’s lighting needs.

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