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Factory Authorized Services 1

New Systems Commissioning

Factory Authorized Services.

As a factory Authorized Service Center PGELS is your local lighting control systems commissioning agent. We will handle the pre-wire, startup, programming, and training of your lighting control systems. Although this service is purchased from the manufacturer, and you still need to contact them directly to schedule any visit, we stand ready to respond promptly. If you are currently working on an installation that is due a factory commissioning, let us know and we will help you make arrangements.

Factory Authorized Services 1

Operation & Maintenance Training

More often than not, by the time the operating staff of a restaurant or hotel takes over a space the majority of the construction crew is long gone. Any kind of system operation and maintenance training was probably brief, incomplete, and given to someone who may not have been the proper representative or not part of the operating staff. PGELS offers follow-up training on both the operation and maintenance of your lighting control system.

Factory Authorized Services 1

Warranty Service & Repairs

As a factory Authorized Service Center PGELS can handle your lighting warranty service work. If you know your lighting system is still under warranty then call your vendor, ask them to arrange a visit, and tell them you would like PGELS to do the work. If you or your vendor have any questions please contact us and we will help make arrangements.