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PG Elite Lighting Service is your premier Lighting Control System Company located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We serve the local Lehigh Valley and greater Northeast Region of the United States. We specialize in multiple facets of the lighting industry including proper lighting design, installation, and maintenance. Our wide variety of services include new system design and commissioning, existing system repair and maintenance, and old system upgrade or replacement. Aside from our expert lighting control services, we also offer window shade control systems, stage lighting systems, and of course, the latest in LED lighting and control systems.

Lighting Control System Company

We are a Factory Authorized Service Center and Residential Systems Provider. If a system is purchased which requires a System Commissioning provided by the Manufacturer, as with commercial lighting control systems, we can perform the services on behalf of the Manufacturer. If a system is purchased which requires a System Commissioning not provided by the Manufacturer, as with residential systems, we can perform the services on behalf of the installing contractor.

Authorized Installer

PGELS is currently authorized to service Lutron Electronics, Copper Lighting Controls, Leviton Controls, Lehigh Electronics, Douglas Lighting Controls, Ketra Lighting and the list is growing. Our staff is a unique collection of specialists; each with their own talent such as troubleshooting and repair, software programming, home automation, and systems integration. This includes working with today’s most advanced residential, commercial, entertainment, and industrial lighting control manufacturers in the most demanding of markets. With our expert lighting control specialists, you will receive the best in residential or commercial lighting control maintenance and care. We are exceptionally qualified in lighting preventative maintenance, lighting control commissioning, and other lighting control procedures. With the vast types of lighting control options, our professional team can help you choose the right system for you.

Lutron Electronics Service Company

PGELS is the premier service company to handle the repair and replacement of existing Lutron lighting control systems. We are experienced with all of Lutron Electronics control systems, commercial and residential, new and old. This includes their legacy commercial products such as Versaplex, Aurora and Orion, and residential products such as the original HomeWorks, Network, and PSP systems. This also includes upgrading existing systems to meet current code requirements by adding time clocks and occupancy sensors.

On-Site Lighting Control System Company

With over 25 years of field experience with the startup, programming, and training of high end lighting control systems, PGELS is the premier on-site technical consultant for the proper design, installation, and maintenance of your high end lighting control system.

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From the lobby to the penthouse, or from the classroom to the campus, if you would like to propose, install, repair, upgrade or maintain a lighting control system for your building or home, then contact us for a new systems assessment or existing systems survey.

So, Need Some Help?

Above all, PG Elite Lighting is here to help you! Whether you need someone to install a system, make an update, or answer a question, contact us with your needs. In brief, we’re here for you. Lastly, we proudly serve all of the Northeastern USA’s lighting needs.

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